Corner Sesame
Air date 2007 (season premiere)
Season 10
Sponsors I, 0
Picture Segment Description
200px-4140a COLD OPEN Abby Cadabby and Zoe introduce The Word of the Day (balett)


SCENE Big Bird shows off his new pet, a turtle named Seymour who wandered into the nest area.
200px-4128zg[2] Song

"Dancin Shoes"




Elmo opens door, but Seen the Frog

Taken from Elmo's World




Fay Ray dresses up as different animals. ("It's Kermit the Dog!")

(EKA: Episode 357)




"Face Facts"

(EKA: Episode 246)

200px-4142-BabyBearAbby Muppets Baby Bear shows Abby Cadabby how to draw the letter I.
200px-I-song Film Ornate Is swing through the air to a song.
200px-Song elbows[6] Muppets

Kermit sing Everday is Near (remake)

(EKA: Episode 357)

200px-Count-zero Muppets The Number of the Day: 0

The Count's organ vanishes, leaving him with zero organs. He then counts zero elephants, zero yo-yos, and zero gefilte fish.

200px-ZeroDancer Film A man break-dances around the number 0, disappearing to demonstrate "zero dancer."
200px-3977h[7] Cartoon Ernie and Elmo sing "Share"



The trio sings about Fur

(EKA: Episode 335)

[10] Muppets Elmo's World: Banana



Abby annouces the Sponsors

So ends 9th Season of Sesame Street


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