Sesame Street
Plot Kevin goes Make a Wish Trip to Sesame Street
Air date May 29, 2013
Season Season 24 (2013)
Sponsors P, 8
Releases Sesame Street Favorites and Other Street Stories: Volume 2

Sesame Workshop Descripton Edit

  • Zoe and Friends Waiting for Mr. Johnson, Grover says the Friends to Come to Visit Kevin, Everyone Sing a Sesame Street Theme.
    PDVD 005


  • What's The Word on the Street: Celebration
  • Cartoon: Animal eats the Crunchy with Very nice Teeth
  • Cartoon: P is for Pillow
  • Cartoon: Picnic with P
  • Do the Alphabet with Big Bird and Friends
  • Count sings Eight is Great
  • Cartoon: The King of Eight
  • Cartoon: Eight Buttons
  • Elmo, Praire Dawn and Kids Sings John Jacob Jingleheider Schmidht
  • Elmo's World: Babies


  • John Weidman wrote this Episode
  • Gary Trousdale directs the Episode
  • The Episode was Filmed in April 27, 2012
  • The Season 24 re-airs the Episodes Repeated with Additional Technical Manutention tag: Sessão Corujão is not Starts

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