Season 40 015

Sesame Street
Plot Fire at Hooper´s Store (repeat of 3753)
Air date May 13, 2014
Season Season 25 (2014)
Sponsors U, 14
Syndication Sesame Street on Discovery Kids

Firefighters and Other Favorite Stories

Picture Segment Description
Season 41 001



What´s The Word on The Street: Firework

Season 39 003
Season 39 004

Elmo takes Maria to lunch at Hooper's Store, and Elmo orders everything as "super-scrumptious". However, Alan's fried chicken special ignites a grease fire, and the smoke detector goes off. Maria and Elmo evacuate and call the fire department.

Season 39 005
Season 39 006



As everyone waits outside, the NYFD come. Luckily, nothing else had caught fire. The scene frightens Elmo, who hides behind Maria.
Season 39 008
Season 40 001



With the fire out, Elmo is afraid to return to Hooper's. Bill, a firefighter, invites him and Maria to the fire station, and they go. Elmo is relieved by seeing how the firefighters are always ready by playing with the fire pole, truck and helmet. They share lunch and return to Hooper's.

the entrie street strory can be viewed at

Film Fishes Living in Aquarium
Season 39 008



Jason Jonnelli and Elmo demostrates Firework before
Season 40 004
Season 40 005
Insert Big Bird Cacth the book is The Letter of The Day book and read.
Season 40 013
Cartoon U is Uniform


Tiny Planets: Planet U

Season 40 014

Abby Cadabby sings I Love Words

(EKA: Episode 3753)Edit

New Bloopers added

Season 40 007
Season 40 008
Insert Big Bird demostrates The Number of The Day Book and read.

Elmo´s World


Elmo´s World: Hands

(EKA: Episode 3700)Edit
Season 40 010
Insert Big Bird finishes reading Hey Diddle Diddle, and suddenly notices that there are no more books in the stack. Telly rushes over with another book, titled "One of My Favorite Books," and Big Bird reads today's sponsors from it.

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