Corner Sesame
Air date 2008
Season 11
DVD Come on and Party
Picture Segment Description
200px-4151-AbbysFriends1 COLD OPEN Abby Cadabby introduce The Word of the Day (party)



Abby Cadabby made three new friends today. Can you guess who they are? One of them clucks, the second one has strings, and the third one loves to dance

200px-4128zg Song

"Dancin Shoes"

(First: Episode 358)



Ernie and Elmo sings Share



"Face Facts"

(EKA: Episode 246)



Abby Cadabby made three new friends today And Next Segment...

200px-Song elbows Muppets

Kermit sing Everday is Near (remake)

(EKA: Episode 357)

250px-4184n Street Story

The Cookie Fairy arrives when he makes his wish. She takes away his power just like he wished and changes everything (and Chris) back to normal. Cookie, relieved, runs home to eat his mom's homemade lasagna. The Cookie Fairy remarks how hungry she is and wishes she had a tuna sandwich. Chris serves her one of the sandwich he had pre-made, making her believe he's The Tuna Fairy.

200px-Ewbanana Muppets Elmo's World: Bananas

(First: Episode 358)



The trio sings about fur

(First: Episode 334) (playing during credits)

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