Sesame Square Season 1 aired on July 26, 1998 and

Sesame Square
Season premiere July 26, 1998 (4001)
Season finale Febuary 9, 1999 (4108)
No. of episodes 130
Season Finale on Febuary 8, 1999 Trough Street Stories for Season 2 wit

New Theme Song of Sesame Square

h number 40

Season OverviewEdit

The Curriclum of Season 1 on Sesame Square Focursed Tecnology, Math, Enigeneering and Geography, This Season inclued Trailer of Street Stories from (Episode 4001, Episode 4103 and Episode 4107)

Major Additions the Set Being Creating Book-It Shop and Hooper´s Store. Also got a New Set the Arbor also got a Garage Being Created by Staircase and Extra and Upper-door and a Larger Garden Also Big Bird´s Nest is Doors with Numbers and Around the Corner also got a Brand new Shops is Flower Shop,

Tiny Planets is a Segment and Debuted This Season

Laundromat, Restaurant Sesame Street, Loterias Caixa and Park

. Anne Evans Wiriting the Episode is Pascoa´s SundayA New Segment on the Season is Elmo´s World


Episodes 4001 - 4108 (130 episodes)

  • Episode 4001 - 1st Season premiere: Pascoa´s Sunday
  • Episode 4002 - Bird is Feeling
  • Episode 4003 - Churro´s Party
  • Episode 4004 - Nathan the Artist
  • Episode 4005 - Coloured Games
  • Episode 4006 - Mountain Goat
  • Episode 4007 - Sparkle The Unicorn
  • Episode
    Organizations 031
    4007 - Brithday Party
  • Episode 4008 - Alex The Bagpipes
  • Episode 4009 - Wisper Game
  • Episode 4100 - Cody is Feeling
  • Episode 4108 - 1st Season Finale: Rádio Rá Tim Bum on Sesame Square


(C) 1998-1999 CTW

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