Sesame Street
Season premiere November 30, 2012 (3882)
Season finale January 1, 2013 (3907)
No. of episodes 26

Sesame Street Season 23 Premiered On Febuary 8, 2012

Season OverviewEdit

The Season Continues Sesame Operation Curriclum For Season 23 With 4 Shows On Sesame Street The
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curriculum for Season 23 focuses on environmentalism and is "designed to nurture young children's appreciation and love for nature." [1][2] The Muppets of Sesame Street encourage children to explore their curiosity in the outdoors with activities that teach simple, age-appropriate ways of showing care and stewardship for the environment.[1] Several episodes focus on environmental issues - such as recycling or habitats.[3] One episode (Episode 3888) focuses on Baby Bear and his family learning how to hibernate.[4] Another episode (#3882, originally planned as #3907) features Big Bird learning about migration.[5] Two New Segments Where Added To The Season is

Muppet Cast of Sesame Street

Sesame English And Tiny Planets Elmo´s World returned Last Season And Three New Episode Of Elmo´s World Is Hand. Ears, Feet


26 Episodes (3882-3909)

Episode 3882 - 23th Season Premiere: The Price Is Right

Episode 3883 - Elmo Pratices Hippopotames

Episode 3884 - Louie Pushing Wishes

Episode 3885 - Elmo Likes To Be Dorothy
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Episode 3886 - Exercise For You

Episode 3887 - Mister Maker Considers Moving

Episode 3888 - Letter To The Sesame Street

Episode 3889 - Preparing For Charli´s Brithday

Episode 3890 - Charli´s Brithday

Episode 3891 - This Flying In Night

Episode 3892 - Baby Bear Art Expert

Doo-Wop Hop

Episode 3893 - Big Bird´s Lucky Pencil

Episode 3894 - Elmo Saves Bunnyes On Sesame Street

Morgana´s Stories Is A Segment And Debuted This Season

Episode 3895 - Kids Favorite Songs

Episode 3896 - Misto Quente on Sesame Street

Episode 3897 - The Plegde On Sesame Street

Episode 3898 - What´s Next Song (remake)

Episode 3899 - Aliens Sweeps Sesame Street

Episode 3900 - Hopping Team On Sesame Street

Episode 3901 - Three Cheers For Us

Episode 3902 - What´s Next Cheer

Episode 3903 - Sesame Street Skipping

Episode 3904 - Christmas Eve On Sesame Street

Episode 3905 - Growing To The Hope Againist

Episode 3906 - New Year´s Eve On Sesame Street

Episode 3907 - Summer In The Courtyard (repeat)



The Season 23 Introduces New Opening And Closing Theme Sequence


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